McGee Movie Going Forward with DiCaprio

Normally this space would be taken by a new “book report” on a McGee adventure. But I’m making an exception here to give everyone the heads up that Leonardo DiCaprio is indeed going forward with a film version of Blue. Dennis Lehane is doing the screenplay. Here’s the link to The Hollywood Reporter’s story.


8 thoughts on “McGee Movie Going Forward with DiCaprio

  1. DiCaprio will do a great job, I think. He seems to become whoever the character is although I’m still thinking that Travis is more than “just a character.”

    And Dehane? He’s top notch in my book.

    Sorry, Clem, about Harrison Ford getting “real” old. Think we’re all going at the same speed though…I’ve gotten old along with Ford. Not sure I’m “real” old though. Laughed at that remark. Pretty funny.

  2. I’m on record as not being enthused about DiCaprio portraying Trav. But I hope I’m wrong, ’cause he looks to be the movie Trav for this generation. I really do want to like it.

  3. D. R.: Apparently you are not alone in your feelings. But I really think he can pull it off.

    I purposely didn’t see Tom Cruise as Reacher because to me that was a long reach. But I’m not a Cruise fan and can’t say that about DiCaprio. He’s just amazed me with his performances and seems to embrace the character. We’ll see though.

    If I remember right, we were recently talking about who could play my boyfriend and we couldn’t think of anyone. Guess someone else made that decision for us.

  4. OK, I’ll be the 100th guy to say DiCaprio is a gifted & interesting & apparently very intelligent actor, but that I can’t see him as McGee any more than I can see him as Sherlock Holmes or Rhett Butler.
    Glad to see a project moving along. Hope it goes better than the 1970 and 1983 attempts. What a waste they were.

    Hope it has a Jimmy Buffett soundtrack. And I do hope they do it as a period piece (1978?).

  5. No no no. When will movie stars with gigantic egos stop appropriating iconic fictional characters, rather than allow them to come to life, portrayed by skilled actors? Keanu Reeves murdered both John Constantine and Johnny Mnemonic. DiCaprio offered nothing as Gatsby. It’s shameful that he would even consider himself as McGee. Let me guess, Danny McBride as Meyer? What’s next…Ryan Gosling as Quiller?? For goodness sakes!!

    • Hey, I’ve been doubtful about Di Caprio as McGee since I first heard about it. But as I wrote earlier, he’s a major star with enough juice to get the project made. Unless he decides to drop the role, the issue’s decided. We’ll have to hope for the best.

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