McGee and Spenser vs. the Terrorists

No, the title of this post is not some fan-fiction daydream. An author named Bill Rayburn has published an e-book called Spenser and Travis McGee: The Trafalgar Square Bomber. My wife was browsing through the Kindle store a couple of days ago, looking at McGee titles, and came across it.

I’ve only read the sample section available on the Kindle store. The tale finds the two classic American tough guys bumping into each other in a London hotel near Trafalgar Square, presumably in the present day. Naturally they sense some commonalities, and end up sharing Guinnesses and something stronger in a nearby pub. Meyer, it seems, has recently died. And so too has Susan Silverman. (I’m saddened to hear about Meyer; Ms. Silverman not so much.)

Both men are in a morose mood; but they’re not done yet. All of a sudden the pub shakes with the percussions of powerful explosions (at nearby Charing Cross Station). Two suspicious men come running by, and the two fictional heroes–like two old hunting dogs–take up the chase.

Since we’ve been talking here lately about keeping fictional heroes alive after their creators’ demise, I thought you’d like to hear about Mr. Rayburn’s book. I was in touch with the author, who wrote me in an e-mail that he “sent out feelers to the two [authors’] families,” and no one yet has asked him to take down the book. 

You can look at the book and the sample right here.

I’ll let you all be the judge of whether or not Bill Rayburn pulls it off.

A Larry Shames Six-Pack for Only Six Bucks

It’s my assumption that everyone who reads this blog devoted to Travis McGee probably enjoys other Florida crime fiction, as well. One of my favorites in the genre is Laurence Shames–who has written a number of delightful yarns involving New York wise guys who’ve relocated to Key West. They’re just hilarious.

Well, if you haven’t made the acquaintance of Larry Shames–or would like to have some of his books on your Kindle–here’s your chance.

Six of Larry’s Key West novels are on sale at the Amazon Kindle store for only 99 cents each.That’s six books for six bucks. They include: Shot on Location (his newest, which rebooted the franchise last year); Virgin Heat; Sunburn; Welcome to Paradise; Mangrove Squeeze; and Tropical Depression.

It’s supposed to be a Deal of the Week, but I’m not sure when it ends. So make your move now if you want yourself a six-pack of classic comedic Florida crime capers. Here’s the deal right here.

I know that I’m grabbing the five titles that I don’t have on my Kindle.