A Larry Shames Six-Pack for Only Six Bucks

It’s my assumption that everyone who reads this blog devoted to Travis McGee probably enjoys other Florida crime fiction, as well. One of my favorites in the genre is Laurence Shames–who has written a number of delightful yarns involving New York wise guys who’ve relocated to Key West. They’re just hilarious.

Well, if you haven’t made the acquaintance of Larry Shames–or would like to have some of his books on your Kindle–here’s your chance.

Six of Larry’s Key West novels are on sale at the Amazon Kindle store for only 99 cents each.That’s six books for six bucks. They include: Shot on Location (his newest, which rebooted the franchise last year); Virgin Heat; Sunburn; Welcome to Paradise; Mangrove Squeeze; and Tropical Depression.

It’s supposed to be a Deal of the Week, but I’m not sure when it ends. So make your move now if you want yourself a six-pack of classic comedic Florida crime capers. Here’s the deal right here.

I know that I’m grabbing the five titles that I don’t have on my Kindle.


3 thoughts on “A Larry Shames Six-Pack for Only Six Bucks

  1. Hi D. R. I’m seconding all you said about Laurence Shames. I’ve read every one of his books years ago when I was a “read everything Florida” binge. That when I discovered Joey…the main character with a heart.

    What a fun series which I read back to back. Just couldn’t get enough.

    I have them all on my shelf to re-read once again but I can’t encourage readers enough to pick up on this bargain. Cheap, cheap for such great storylines and characters. (Oops, meant to say inexpensive!)

  2. I just received a bulk e-mail from Larry, and apparently his Amazon sale went well, as has his experiment in indie publishing. He wrote:

    “When, a few years ago, I decided to drag my ambivalent butt back into the fiction-writing business, it was with the not overly confident hope that e-books and the strategy of Indie pricing might bring a new generation of readers to my work. The earlier novels, after gratifying runs, had finally lapsed from print; I didn’t want them to be forgotten altogether. Also, to be honest, I was grasping for some renewed motivation; unless I had some solid evidence that people were still reading my stuff, I just didn’t see the point of bothering to write more of it.

    “Well, thanks in part to your help, that evidence has been accumulating. In January, Shot on Location got as high as 117 on the Amazon rankings (out of literally millions of titles), and number 10 in mysteries, right up there with the household names. Sales of the backlist books spiked in a way that clearly indicated we had new readers coming onboard. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    Sounds like he’s going to tackle a new novel. And there’s a new short story out with Bert The Shirt. You can find it at : http://www.amazon.com/Chickens-West-Short-Story-Mystery-ebook/dp/B00I7V0ZL8

    • Thanks for passing on, D.R. I just bought the short story.

      Damn, I miss Shames’ writing. So much fun to read. I’m glad it went well for him and reached his expectations. As you surely know, it’s a tough (publishing) world out there.

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