Travis McGee & Me Now an E-Book

It’s almost six years since I began blogging about the Travis McGee stories of JDM. That’s 21 reviews, an introduction, and a variety miscellaneous blog posts.

Since I finished late last summer, with Silver, I’ve kept posting on topics that I think might interest McGee fans. I was thinking of upgrading the blog with a new WordPress design, but decided to stick with this simple theme (“Kubrick,” for those who pay attention to such things). To help facilitate reading of the blog’s primary material, I’ve installed a table of contents just to the right. Now it’s easy to find the McGee adventure you want to read about.

I’ve also put the 22 primary blog posts into e-book form, which is now available at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and other e-book retailers. Those of you familiar with the original posts will note that the e-version is slightly different. I’ve taken this opportunity to do light edits–clarifying things, fixing typos, etc. I’ve also removed almost all of the McGee quotations. Why? I was unable to make contact with the JDM estate’s agent for permission to use them; despite three months of trying. I know about fair use; but having permission is legally safer. Of course, you can still read the quotes for free here on the blog.

The Travis McGee & Me e-book is just 99 cents, and you can check it out at the links that you see to the right, just below the table of contents. Even if you don’t buy it, I’d appreciate any Amazon or other reviews that you might be inclined to write. Most of you, after all, have read the material.


2 thoughts on “Travis McGee & Me Now an E-Book

  1. Good idea! It’s too bad you couldn’t include the quotes; they are very well-chosen to highlight the quality of JDM’s writing. However, I agree with your decision not to include them. Not so much because of any legal issues, but because it seems more respectful not to include them without permission of JDM’s family. The whole point of Travis McGee and Me is to honor JDM and his creation.

    …although you’d think some marketing wiz at Random House would be interested in leveraging your work. That’s a missed opportunity on their part.

  2. Hi D. R. Congratulations on your great changes. I’m on top of it, the ebook.

    As I’ve said before, I love this site and hope I offer something from time to time. I know that I learn things about my guy, Travis, and JDM. Funny, thoughtful, and insightful things that entertain me and make me think beyond my front door.

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