Reviving Defunct Fictional Heroes, Part 2

A while ago I wrote a little post about an FT article on literary estates reviving their defunct fictional characters. And I did a brief item on Anne Hillerman’s take on her dad’s great characters, Chee and Leaphorn.

One of the very biggest of such characters is about to enjoy a resurrection later this summer, and I came across an article about him in the Daily Mail (absolutely the best gossip source I know of). I’m speaking of Hercule Poirot, he of zee leetle gray cells. The author, Sophie Hannah, very sensibly sets the story early in the Belgian sleuth’s career.

I know that some readers here are fine with JDM’s estate forbidding McGee’s revival. But I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind it. Would it be hard to pull off? Would the first book have to meet a very high threshold? Sure, absolutely. But–if they found a very good writer–it would be worth a shot.

To read the Daily Mail piece on Poirot, just click here.


2 thoughts on “Reviving Defunct Fictional Heroes, Part 2

  1. I wonder if JDM could have prohibited any effort to write additional McGees. I wouldn’t put it past him.

    JDM’s son, Maynard (formerly Johnnie), must be 75-ish. Is Maynard on record with his attitude toward new McGees?

    Does anyone know why JDM’s canon is being re-released now? Could it be tied into the film version of Blue being in pre-production? Is there a management team behind all this?

    The timing seems propitious for a new title.

    • I know that JDM was on record not wanting to kill off McGee. What that implies to the series continuing after his demise is: Who knows? I assume that Maynard is the JDM estate now, unless his children are involved, too. He/they are the ones saying no. Their prerogative, of course. Re. JDM estate management… I got the name of an agent (Diskant & Assoc.) from Random House last fall, as I wanted permission to use the McGee quotes used here in my e-book version of the blog. I presume this agency is managing the JDM properties. I tried phone and mail to two different addresses, and never got a reply. If anybody knows of Diskant, and how to make contact, let me know.

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