The Trap of Solid Gold

It’s been gratifying that Travis McGee & Me is well into its seventh year and now pops up on the first Google page for any search for “Travis McGee.” But there are a couple of other McGee blogs out there that any fans of the Bahia Mar boat bum ought to check out, as well. I’m sure some of you know about them, but for those who don’t, here’s the info:

Cal Branche’s JDM Homepage is the gold standard and has been for a long time.

But not too long ago I stumbled across another that may be the most comprehensive JDM/McGee website out there. And it only operated for two years!

The Trap of Solid Gold was created by Steve Scott in late 2009 and terminated in late 2011. Over that period Steve put out over 250 blog posts on JDM, his novels, and his stories. I’ve only scratched the surface of Steve’s blog, but I can tell you that there’s a treasure trove of info in here for JDM fans. The very last post is about JDM’s last hospital stay in Milwaukee in 1986–touching and very sad.

The Trap of Solid Gold is an impressive achievement, and I can understand why, after all that work, Steve had perhaps had enough. I believe the reason he stopped was attributed to family responsibilities.

If any of you know of any other cool JDM and/or McGee blogs, leave a comment.

Update 10-2-14: Just in the past few weeks Steve Scott has revived his JDM blog and is now open for business once again. Be sure to check it out.


3 thoughts on “The Trap of Solid Gold

  1. Hi D.R. Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary! You’re such a great guy sharing information like you do…it’s such an unselfish act, so congrats on being a nice writer, person, lover of all things JDM and more.

    Funny your post now because I was just on JDM Homepage to copy the cool model of Miss Agnes.

    Having a conversation with Trevor on Goodreads and he agreed with you, about Travis flying under the radar and having a vehicle such as Miss Agnes. Something’s wrong with this picture!

    I’ll check out the Solid Gold site and thanks for all you do.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Cathy. It’s been a labor of love for sure, and one of the best parts of it has been meeting great folks like you!

      Yeah, Miss Agnes is one of the two tics that JDM had that drove me nuts. The other was the quickness and ubiquity with which many females addressed Trav as “darling.” That, more than anything, is what turned my wife off on the series. As I originally wrote, why couldn’t Trav drive a nice old Ford F100 or something else less obtrusive?

      • You, my dear friend, are so spot on with that darling crap comment.

        I would slap a guy if he ever called me darling. Of course we’re talking about a woman calling Travis darling. But still…JDM could have dropped 25 “darlings” from every book and it would read better and your wife would have enjoyed them more.

        Oh, Trevor said an Olds Cutlass would do for Travis. I’m a bit partial to Fords though.

        Briefly checked out the Gold site and I’ll have to go back. A lot of blogging going on there. Enjoyed(?) what I read about when he was in hospital and died. I’m not an emotional person; I swear that I hardly cry ever. But I got tears in my eyes reading some of that. I stopped and thought to myself…I’ve got tears in my eyes.

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