New Audiobooks of JDM Classics

Audible, Amazon’s audio book imprint, has just released new audiobook editions of eight non-McGee classics by JDM. They are:

• Cape Fear (The Executioners)

• The Brass Cupcake

• A Key to the Suite

• Slam the Big Door

• A Flash of Green

• The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything

• Condominium

• Dead Low Tide

They’re read by two different voice artists—Richard Ferrone and Stephen Hoye. The cost per title ranges from $19.95 to $29.95. Each book has a spoken intro by Dean Koontz. You can get to them here.

Thanks to Kevin Comer for the heads up.


One thought on “New Audiobooks of JDM Classics

  1. I enjoyed Slam the Big Door. It is set among the upper middle class in Sarasota so you know it is a slice of life.

    The Girl, the Gold Watch, & Everything is an amusing fanciful good natured sci-fi-ish outing. It is interesting to me to see JDM at play.

    I haven’t read Flash of Green yet, but the movie adaptation was JDM’s favorite of any of his work.

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