McGee Movie News: Rosamund Pike Onboard the Flush?

News of the prospective McGee movie, The Deep Blue Good-by, has been nonexistent for many a long month. But in the last few days, word comes that Rosamund Pike—fresh from an Oscar nomination for Gone Girl—is circling the new film. It’s not clear whether she’s going to take on Cathy or Lois. It’s also apparent that Christian Bale continues to be the man for McGee.



You can read the story here.


3 thoughts on “McGee Movie News: Rosamund Pike Onboard the Flush?

  1. Fine with me. My opinion on who plays these characters is so very slight.

    While this has nothing to do with anything, has anyone noticed that the women stars today are not combing their hair these days? It looks as though they don’t shampoo for a couple of days then just run their fingers through their hair leaving it looking stringy. I’ve seen it dozens of times recently.

    Ask your wives, would you please, guys and see if they’ve noticed? (You, too, have you noticed?)

    • I can’t speak to all the movie stars and singers and super models out there, Cathy. But I do see that look occasionally here in my own house. And I am not referring to yours truly, who is folicly challenged and gets by with a monthly buzzcut.

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