McGee Movie News: Clues from IMDb

As any serious movie fan knows, the IMDb website is where you go to glean info on what actors, directors, screenwriters, and other cinema pros are up to. My wife Sue just checked out the IMDb listing for The Deep Blue Good-by, and came up with several new items.

The first, biggest news is that Meyer has tentatively been cast. Peter Dinklage apparently has the role.

But Meyer, you protest, is not in The Deep Blue Good-by, is he?

Nope, he is not. He doesn’t make a major supporting appearance for another five or six books. Which suggests that the first McGee novel is about to be Hollywoodized. To this hardcore McGee fan, this is a little discouraging.

On the plus side, IMDb refers to World War II treasure. If there’s WWII loot in the story, it means Cathy Kerr’s dad and the villain Junior Allen were WWII vets. Which hints that the film is being shot as a period story—in the mid-1960s. That would be good.

The other interesting bit of news in this listing is that the film is in pre-production for release in 2016. That suggests a pretty quick turnover.

Of course, my tea-leaf reading could be totally wrong on all these points. I welcome your interpretations.

To do your own tea-leaf reading at IMDb, just click here.


11 thoughts on “McGee Movie News: Clues from IMDb

  1. I’m not saying that my opinion on making movies out of books is the ‘right’ one, but I don’t compare the two. I look at them at stand-alones. In my opinion if the movie gets the ‘flavor’ of the character, that’s a bonus.

    But being two totally separate media, I find it hard to compare them.

    I’m thinking about Harry Bosch played by Titus Welliver who I had never heard of until recently. In my opinion he caught the ‘flavor’ of Bosch and the Amazon series (six, I think) covered at least two storylines from two or three separate books. It worked and other readers of the Michael Connelly’s Bosch mostly agreed.

    But I’m not a purist that’s for sure.

  2. I’ve never seen game of thrones but is he a midget don’t get me wrong I don’t have thing against them but I’ve read the entire McGee series multiple times and I don’t recall Meyer being a midget Riley Morris

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    • He is a dwarf and a helluva an actor. (If you haven’t seen him in The Station Agent, I highly recommend it.) I’ll admit that I wanted Saul Rubinek for Meyer. But I have no doubt Dinklage will be able to handle the role.

    • I think I’m getting very close to my “whatever” point…I am departmentalizing this. The movie is over there and the book is way over yonder!

  3. I read somewhere that movie will take place in the present and Trav will be an Afghan war vet.
    I also admire Dinklage as an actor but I’m tired of Hollywood casting against the established literary type, seemingly just to be contrarian. Tom Cruise as Reacher was bad enough but this is going too far!

  4. First time poster, I’ve just spent a chunk of my day reading this blog and some of the others you’ve sent me to.

    Coming here is like being a part of a round table at a hotel in NYC or something. Maybe it’s because of our unifying appreciation and admiration of JDM and how timeless TMcG is. I’m re-reading the series now for probably the fifth time if not more, and I’ll be going through his novels as well. His mastery of the craft is superb, so much so that reading each book is more like looking at a favorite masterpiece in a museum—each examination brings a deeper texture to the experience. Not many writers have that ability for me.

    Thanks for maintaining this blog.

    I’ve recently changed my mind about book adaptations. The funny thing is that it began with the Jack Reacher film. I’ll admit right off the bat that I’m a Tom Cruise fan. The trailer got me to see the film and the film got me to read the entire series. Lee Child isn’t quite in MacDonald’s league, but he’s close enough for me. If you haven’t checked out the series, it might be worth your time.

    IMHO, I think Dennis Lahaine, should he develop a series and character, could bookend MacDonald. His mastery of the craft is compelling. Again, I read his work after seeing Mystic River.

    An earlier comment by Cathy: ‘the book is there and the movie is way over yonder’ and her underlining that they’re two different medias I strongly agree with.

    So far, the three top cast members, Pike, Bale and Dinklage… well, that’s enough to sell me. Their mastery at their craft is a given, no? And with Mangold at the helm; three of his movies that I’ve seen were great—I’ve watched them a few times, something I rarely do.

    And Lahaine’s doing the adaptation? Whoa.

    Will the film play as well as the books have in my head? Probably not, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I am really, really looking forward to it though!

    • Welcome, Desmond. Glad you enjoy the blog. Re. the film, the question now is–with early-summer-’15 shooting aborted–will that be the cast when they try again? Could be two or three years from now. Maybe Bale won’t be available.

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