Deep Blue Good-by Film in Deep Trouble: Fate Uncertain with Bale Bailing

I was just skimming through the Collider blog earlier this afternoon, when I spotted their story on big trouble with the Blue movie that was to have started filming in the next month. The production will not be going forward at this time.

Apparently, Christian Bale recently sustained a knee injury that will make filming of the action-oriented suspense tale impossible. Re. Travis McGee, Bale is out and unlikely to return to the film. Efforts have been made to replace him, but with no success.

Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter said:

“The Deep Blue Goodbye project has been in development since the late 1990s, with Oliver Stone and Paul Greengrass among those slated to direct. Leonardo DiCaprio was at one point set to star and is one of the producers. With years of development invested, Fox is not likely to bid adieu to Goodbye for good.

“Sources say the studio and producers at Chernin Entertainment as well as Appian Way tried to salvage the project by quickly finding another lead. Brad Pitt was among those approached but could not do it, thus leading to the painful decision to cut bait.”

You can read the article here.

Talk about a star-crossed project. One begins to wonder if we’ll ever see our man Trav up on the silver screen.


8 thoughts on “Deep Blue Good-by Film in Deep Trouble: Fate Uncertain with Bale Bailing

    • I’m still partial to Josh Brolin. Liam Neeson’s too old, but he would have made a good McGee. Problem is, anyone who could carry the film is probably booked a year in advance.

  1. I’m almost relieved! Seldom are literary heros brought to the big screen with results that satisfy the serious fans.
    Although recent casting successes such as Russell Crowe as Capt. Aubrey, RDJ as Iron Man and most of the casts of the first two X-Men films give me hope.
    Notable failures like Tom Cruise as Reacher and Affleck Jr. as Patrick Kenzie make me sad…
    Josh Brolin – good call! Think I’ll rewatch Out Of The Blue with some gin over ice to put me in the right frame of mind!

    • My wife had another interesting idea, now that he’s getting a bit older–Josh Hartnett. Of course, this particular window of opportunity to film the first McGee story now seems closed.

  2. I’m just one fan, but it seems to me that “A Deadly Shade of Gold” is among the best of the McGee novels, and would make a truly great film if done right. After all, they don’t have to be filmed in sequence, particularly. I wish the people producing *True Detective” would adapt it. The current “True Detective” is, for my money, as close to MacDonald as we’ve probably ever had on screen. Any screen.

    • I haven’t seen the new season of True Detective, but I’ll have to Netflix it when available. Unfortunately, I don’t think their production team will be doing any McGee adaptations anytime soon. DiCaprio et al. (the producers doing the Blue film) presumably have rights to future McGee films. Agree with you, though, that Gold would make a terrific flick–perhaps the most complex, byzantine, and bloody of the 21.

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