New Larry Shames Key West Caper

As readers of this blog know well, I’m a big fan of Laurence Shames, whose Key West caper novels are some of the funniest crime stories going—second only to Carl Hiassen. I just received an e-mail from Larry about his newest Key West tale, called Key West Luck. I’ll definitely be getting this for my Kindle this Xmas, and I’m betting many of you will, too. Here’s what Larry had to say, with links to Amazon and his video:

Dear Friends–

Winter blues? Holiday blahs? Please allow me to suggest an antidote: My new novel, KEY WEST LUCK. It’s got sunshine and salt water, comedy and mayhem, romance and suspense; and, oh yeah, an old man and a chihuahua. I think it will raise the spirits of even the most confirmed curmudgeon. (I say this with some confidence, since it worked for me.)

The book is available both for Kindle and in print. If you can’t wait one more minute to order it, here’s a link:

Or, if you’d like a sneak preview before taking the plunge, please take a look at the trailer:

Either way, I thank you for your interest and support, and I hope you’ll spread the word to friends, family—anybody who could use a laugh and some distraction. Love to hear what you think, and, as ever, timely Amazon reviews are extremely helpful and much appreciated. I wish you happy reading and all best for the holidays and a healthy and fulfilling 2016.



One thought on “New Larry Shames Key West Caper

  1. Finished the new book a week or so ago and I can testify that it’s a fun, fun read. Larry is keeping up the good work, and I look forward to many more Key West Capers.

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