News from an Old Friend

I just heard from Kevin Comer—friend of the blog and a frequent guest-poster in 2014 and ’15. He tells me his new house north of Napa in California is nearing completion. So he’ll be finding time again soon to contribute more posts on matters pertaining to JDM and McGee. He also sent along visual evidence of his devotion to the man from Slip F-18—his own auto with a very special custom plate.


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.30.02 AM


12 thoughts on “News from an Old Friend

    • I quite agree.

      D. R. didn’t mention the plate is a ’60s commemorative edition and I thought nothing could be more appropriate than celebrating the man from slip F18. Imagine me tooling about the vineyards…

  1. Would Travis drive a red Mercedes? I thought he had an old blue truck, an opening scene in one of his books he was driving it across Tamiani Trail when a woman dashed in front of him, dove into the glades. T went off the road, rescued her and started a new adventure.

    I’ll look for the red Mercedes next time in Napa.

    • Actually, I wish he had been driving a red Mercedes, rather than that ridiculous Rolls pickup truck. (Sorry, a Miss Agnes hater here.) He would have been a lot less obtrusive. But did they have Red Mercedeses back c. 1970?

      • I think it was you, D.R. who said what a contradiction; Travis living off the grid with head mostly down unnoticed and driving Miss Agnes which is quite noticeable and ‘out there.’ I agree with you on Miss Agnes. And wasn’t she named after a teacher of his?

      • I think I called it one of JDM’s two most annoying tics, along with the “darling” thing. Not sure about the teacher connection, Cathy. Perhaps someone else could chime in…

      • Miss Agnes was indeed a teacher. Can’t recall which book that information first appeared. But in “The Long Lavender Look” there is a discussion of the paint color with Ron Hatch. IIRC, the blue was the color of Miss Agnes’ hair.

      • Good recall Walter! Five stars to you! Yeah, her hair was blue. I remember that now you’ve reminded me.

        That ‘darling’ thing annoys me to no end, too, D.R. I was thinking about your Mrs. (who hates it too) when I was reading a stand alone earlier this year. The ‘stand-in’ for Travis beds a woman he just meets and she’s already calling him ‘darling’ before she gets her dress back on. It’s a shame for me but every standalone I read, the protag to me, is Travis.

      • I wonder if it’s merely that we’re too far removed from JDM’s heyday that causes this affectation to annoy us. Maybe they were “darling”-ing everyone up the ying yang back in the 50s and 60s. Still, I wish there were some way to get the dang things out of the books. Every “darling” takes me right out of the scene.

      • I know, I know exactly what you mean. And I agree. It takes me a few more reading minutes after a “darling” to get back into it.

        Since I was just a babe in arms, don’t know if they were or were not ‘darling’ this and ‘darling’ that. As you comically said ying yanging the ‘darlings’ all over the place. Outside of those two things, JDM was pure perfection in all ways. I’m still laughing about your ying yanging.

        How about honey? Is darling equal to honey?

      • I think “honey” or “sweety” or “baby” would be just as annoying. What grates is that these women are calling Trav “darling” within about five seconds of meeting him. It would be somewhat more tolerable if there were an actual relationship.

      • Oh, I agree with everything you said. I grates me too but like I said I can read 10″ more and it goes away thank goodness. But maybe the undressed woman is hoping this is a long term relationship.

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