Was One of the Blog’s Readers Actually in a McGee story?

One of the blog’s readers was in touch with me recently with a fascinating query. Lynn N. wanted some help trying to find a passage that she thinks is in one of the McGee tales. It’s of particular interest to her, because she believes it was inspired by her own encounter with a man who may have been JDM himself. Here’s what Lynn wrote me:
I was nineteen years old in 1965  and was working in San Francisco. As I was departing a bus on Market Street, right at the Del Webb Townhouse Inn, I looked over and saw a familiar face. I didn’t recognize the man immediately, but knew the face. So I waved, as it is rude (where I was raised) to ignore an acquaintance.  He was an older man, wearing a smashed up hat, and had a very penetrating gaze.
In later years I read a Travis McGee book and he mentioned a tall, good-looking girl, climbing off a bus, a white skirt foaming about her knees. “She smiled and waved at me, then danced off down the street, the sun following her.” ( I am paraphrasing the text I remember.)  I realized then that I must have seen Mr. McDonald. He was one of the first writers I’d ever encountered who liked tall women, and I certainly was in that category!
Sadly I don’t remember the name of that book, but I am hoping you can help me to find out which it is so I can get a copy.

So if anyone recognizes that passage, please leave a comment for Lynn. I’m eager to know the answer, too.



A New Key West Caper from Larry Shames


As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Larry Shames’s Key West Caper novels. And I thought I’d share the good news that he’s coming out with a new one later this month. It’s called One Strange Date and it’s available for presale on Amazon right now. If you buy it, it will upload to your Kindle on January 23. Here’s what Larry has to say about it, including a link to the Amazon page:

Hi Friends–

Happy new year! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for all of you.

I’m writing to let you know that my new Key West Caper—somehow or other I’ve made it to number 12!–has just become available for pre-order as an e-book. The release date is January 23, but you’d be doing me a big favor by ordering now, as pre-sales have a crucial impact on Amazon rankings, and Amazon rankings are what draws attention. The book will magically appear in your Kindle at midnight of the release date and you can be the first kid on your block to read it!

And review it? That would be very much appreciated…


Please note that ONLY the e-book can be pre-ordered. But in the next couple of weeks, a print edition and an audiobook (performed by the superb Jem Matzan) will also become available. I promise you I won’t be shy about sending reminders.

As ever, I thank you for your support and enthusiasm, and I wish you happy reading.


P. S. The paperback is now available for order through Amazon. Just click here.