Incoming Key West Caper from Laurence Shames

As any reader of this blog knows by now, I’m a longtime fan of Laurence Shames’s Key West capers series, which follows the wacky misadventures of various shady and/or clueless New Yorkers and New Jersy-ans down in that semi-tropical paradise at the southern end of U.S. 1. Larry is back with his 13th, One Big Joke. Here’s the story.

“What is with you lately?” Lenny’s wife would like to know. “You’ve been acting like everything is one big joke.”

And it’s true—unemployed TV writer Lenny Sullivan has been having trouble seeing his life and times as anything more than fodder for edgy wisecracks. But when he bolts to Key West to refresh his lighter side, things suddenly turn serious. Well, sort of serious. A bullying businessman in league with a pair of bumbling mobsters is plotting to burn down his best friend’s struggling comedy club. The pill-popping star of his last best chance at a hit show is under a death threat from a very sore loser in a love triangle. And Lenny’s staunchest ally in the fight to keep the club, the star, and the laughs alive happens to be a 90-something named Bert the Shirt. Fortunately, Bert has a soft spot for comedians and is the savviest if not the most grammatical guy in town…

Deftly balancing suspense and humor, mayhem and romance, Key West color and showbiz glitz, ONE BIG JOKE uproariously entertains while making a sly but impassioned argument for the saving grace of comedy in tough times.

The paperback is already available here. The Kindle e-book comes out on January 18, but you can get your pre-order in now by clicking here. I’ve already pre-ordered my Kindle copy and I’m looking forward to a few fun hours of laughs, grins, and guffaws.