About D. R. Martin

D. R. Martin is a writer of wide experience, with over fifteen-hundred credits in fields as diverse as book reviewing, travel journalism, music journalism, television script writing, business writing, and medical writing. He is an award-winning copywriter, the former (and founding) editor of a metro-wide weekly newspaper, and a semi-pro photographer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 11.47.53 AMHe has written seven mystery books. The Karma of King Harald, King Harald’s Heist, and King Harald’s Snow Job are canine cozies, set in Beaver Tail County, up on the northern Plains. A Pretty Little Plot and The Stolen Star are the first two Mary MacDougall historical mystery novellas. The first full-length Mary MacDougall novel is called A Daughter’s Doubt. Smoking Ruin is a contemporary PI story set in the Twin Cities.

Johnny Graphic and the Etheric Bomb and Johnny Graphic and the Attack of the Zombies are rip-roaring ghost adventures for readers young and old alike—colorful pulp yarns in the classic tradition. D. R. is currently at work on the third and final Johnny Graphic book.

D. R. is also the author of two books of literary journalism. Travis McGee & Me includes his twenty-two review/essays on the adventures of Travis McGee. Four Science Fiction Masters: Lost Interviews with Herbert, Pohl, Simak & Dickson features uncut interviews with four great science fiction writers of the post-war era.

Be sure to like the Richard Audry author page at Facebook. (D. R. writes his mysteries using that pen name.) And please visit his author website at D. R. Martin Books.


3 thoughts on “About D. R. Martin

  1. D.R.,
    JDM’s Writer’s Digest Interview is a nice piece. Thanks. I found it through the Busted Flush Facebook page. I’ll watch for more of your stuff.

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